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I'm Going Slightly mad
life's a gas
Yesterday, Emma, Jess, Tysone, James, and me had a picnic at the Botanical gardens, Jeremy came later on. it was great!!! we had fairy bread, tiny teddies, dip and bickies, tictocs and apple juice!! It was a wonderfully beautiful day, so we were very lucky. James bought his guitar so he and Tysone took turns in playing it and i had my camera and everyone took some photos with it and Jess had hr polaroid and they turned out really fab. A couple of people were a bit hung over from the night before but they were fine once we got there.
Them we went to this stage where the carols by candlelight is held and James, Tysone and Jeremy busked there, they got 80cents for 4 songs. it was very entertaining.
oh, and Jess made me wear a skirt...eeh, it felt so weird!! but i got used to it.

here are a couple of photos we took:


James and Tysone

Jess, me and Emma

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click for a bigger version.

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It's my year 12 Formal tonight!!!!!! I think i'm more scared than excited though. I'm looking foward to seeing all my beatiful friends all dressed up! Will take many photos, for sure, and i'll post some here too.
I'm going with Emma, my lovely date, and tagging along with us is Tysone and Morgan.

AGH! i'm scared......shoud be a fun night though. I'm scared cause i never wear dresses or 'nice things' like that...that show off so much skin...gulp...

ok then!!! byebye!!! :D :D :D

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Made this on MSpaint and then i made him blink. I love my long necked/mod/sixties men.

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A friend of mine, James, looked through my sketchbook the other day and he said "You have officially made people smile. I just want to smile now!" That made me very happy.

I got a formal dress, finally. but i'm really not sure about it, i think it's too...'exposing' or whatever, i never wear stuff which shows a lot of skin and this dress shows a bit of cleverage, agggghhh.....i'll hide behind people the whole night.

Some photos i took:


 I'm going to paint this pic really big...about as big as me! I'll keep it under my bed when i bring it home.

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YAY! I'm learning to play the Uke whn i really, really should be doing alot of homework, back to school tomorrow!! but the Uke is fun, i can play row row your boat!!! in only C Chord!!!! *thumbs up* yeehar
im not p[racticing to move my fingers quickle from chord to chord, it takes me a few seconds...yeah only a few... :S but im getting the hang of it, i think i can play 4 or 5 notes now :D

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I strated this at about midnight last night and finished it this morning.
It's Ray Davies but it doesn't look alot like him.
I was trying a different style with layers, i'm not sure if i like it, but its growing on me. I used some gold paint ^_^

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Sorry for the bad quallity photos.

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i like Christopher Lloyd / Uncle Fester Addams in the addams family values. 

ain't he cute?!

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Has anyone ever just put pen to paper and write what comes to your head, and not think about it?
i did, last night, very interesting and strange. Here are a couple of things i wrote: 

"Your eyelids will not close when the blue bird looses controll in mid air and falls towards you."
"It will make a difference when you cut your hair because the wings of a beatle will spread if you do."
"Climb outside and strech a little, untie your favourite shoes and again and again until the music changes."

there you go, there is some much weirder stuff i wrote, lol, i suggest you sry it, i couldnt stop writing.

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I got busted on the tram when i went with Emma to see a friend, Holly, play her first gig. you see, i boust a consession ticket but i dont have a consession card and the ticket inspectors came on the tram and he asked to see my consession card, but i couldnt so he wrote some stuff down and all the stuff and more stuff also, lol, and i might get fined but might not. dad wont be too happy if i do get a fine XD, i think its quite funny actually!
Anyway, Holly was great, she played for 45 minutes but some friends came late coz they got lost lol. Emma's mum took us and Tyson home and Emmas mum gave Tyson lots of coat hangers XD
See Holly's myspace [ http://www.myspace.com/hollytosi ]

here are some photos not related to that night:

Emmas beautiful dog, Jake:

a rainbow i seen today.

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